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A local carpet store has suggested Shaw Endura 3 Plus nylon carpet for my modest home. I cant find any information about it on the Shaw website or here. There's no Collection name on the sample board, but the style is XVN07. Is anyone familiar with this carpet? I'm looking for ease of care and durability. Thanks.
Category: Carpet Post By: CRAIG MORALES (Lexington, KY), 01/13/2019

Ease of care, that's usually due to what you put on it, cleaning is based on frequency. Cut pile untwists and consolidates to form a new support system in traffic areas. Some commercial buildings I feel like coming in to clean, and I'm not a carpet cleaner. Durability, Nylon is me of the strongest fibers, resilient, some of the shapes of the filament may be stronger and deflect light better so original appearance lasts longer.(type 6, 6.6?) not sure what the price to value difference is to you. Some factors to consider are traffic, rooms to be done, what environment it will be in, color to hide dirt until removed.

- TODD SANDERS (Flagstaff, AZ), 04/05/2019

thanks for the reply, Mike. I have some high traffic areas and plan to do all rooms but kitchen and bathroom - so living room and hallways and stairs. I'm not sure, what you mean in your reply - i can't find whether is 6 or 6.6, and I'm not sure what you mean by price to value difference - of course I want good value, but the higher end nylon carpets are $15 more per sq yard and just too expensive for my budget. The only specs I can find on this Endura carpet is face weight - 43.90. Only a 10 year warranty, which worries me a bit, too. I guess my bottom line question is - is this a good value at $21 sq yard? Should i expect it to hold up well over more than 10 years? Thanks.

- ISAAC SIMON (Murray, UT), 05/08/2019

I'd rather a pro carpet cleaner offer some advice, they see the differences day after day, I don't know how many homes they do in my town but they put tons of miles on their vehicles. Some have extensive training on fibers, do you currently have a carpet cleaner? Maybe them, or bring it to one. For general advice, the face weight may be a little low but all carpeting will mat down to some degree so paying more will not prevent traffic patterns. Not sure if parents say up the stairs or down the stairs, you're wearing the steps down. Carpet really doesn't break down,wear away, so it can last a very long time. The reasons for change are stains, decor change,odors from pets,changing to different type of flooring. So you have your base price(install stays relatively the same) then your upgrade, you may ask about delamination, the backing on your picture looks like a mid grade latex adhered, I prefer a good backing and bond to the primary backing for stability to stresses and environment. I prefer minimum amounts of carpet where changeout is not expensive and can be done in stages. Like bedrooms, living room, they can be different color, but stairs do kind of lean toward a uniform look.

- JACKIE HAYNES (Plymouth, MN), 03/17/2019

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